The Roasting Process

There could be a long discourse about the difficulty of roasting. However the same question could be raised in daily life about other things that we normally do. At some point there is the routine. Seen in retrospect there is a pattern to observe – the „How to“ – which shows that in our lives and personalities we create a fingerprint that touches what we make.

Wilhelm Andraschko

The Andraschko manufactory uses only specialty coffees from small farms, bigger estates or cooperatives. In a diligent search for top quality standards we travel around the world to Costa Rica, India, Tanzania and Brazil. The personal contact is key and irreplaceable to achieve the best quality. We talk with the farmers about the crop and sustainability and also about challenges that they are up against in their region and their ecosystem. Our interest is to have long lasting good relations that foster a high trust and loyalty standard. Only that way can we relate to quality and talk about prices and establish the basis for a fair and sustainable relationship.

Once the coffee arrives here in Berlin the tasting and testing can start to determine which combination is the best. We roast with a 50 Kilo drum roaster and just finished assembling the 120 Kilo machine. That will be the last step up in our manufacturing process, one that values artistry and craftsmanship as highest principles and led us to our success.