The origin of the beans

We look for our coffee at the source – in farms and with farmers, who understand the challenge of growing the best quality coffee. Farmers like Ricardo from the Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima in Brasil. Ricardo has developed an exemplary excellent biofarm. It is very impressive in what range and  with what kind of vision he is driven to fulfill his dream. Not only his goal to sustain a high level of quality – also he integrates and refuses the farm through a self-supporting eco system without comparison. the well thought through water system is legendary. Partners like that are not just brilliant but provide evidence that being on the right path forward in terms of quality comes at a price, and also comes with an expertise showing how vision and the right philosophy can guide you directly towards your goal. The farms of Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima produce raw coffee that are so to speak growing in „Burgundy area“ and are more than excellent. This is a gift to roasters which both gives us a great spectrum to create with complexity and brings as a result the right balance into the cup.

To guaranty a constant quality and exclusivity we follow our philosophy from crop to cup. It shows a trustworthy, respectfully and sustainable trade with the farmers in their specific origin – this is how to keep the quality up in all faculties.