The modern manufactory

„Even if we are making one of the finest coffees, we can´t stop getting better and better.“

Elisabeth & Wilhelm Andraschko

The long journey to “the little black one” started back in 1979. This passion for coffee was manifested in the creation of the “Andraschko Kaffeemanufaktur” in Berlin in 2005.

Today we are established as Specialty roasters and operate under the firm conviction that there is no other way of going about it. Because we produce locally and focus on roasting excellent quality coffee beans, we guarantee only high end espresso as a result.

In our manufactory we only dare to use in every particle of our Espresso only coffee highly ranked on the Cup of Excellence scoring system. That is the guarantee for a multi-faceted Espresso beyond compare, one which shows full
complexity in a single shot as well as in cappuccino.

For our blends we search for “specialty coffees“ from farms in Central America, Brazil, Africa and India. We travel all over the world to find small places where we are certain to find a good quantity of best quality beans. Hence our fascination with variety and experimentation.

This is our promise and path to follow our philosophy “From Crop to Cup“ – rooted in trust and respect, buoyed by sustainable and cooperative relationships.

Which is so to speak our source of happiness and motivation: finding special coffees and varieties of farmers that are full of passion like us. Here in Berlin in stands our manufactory, where modern production meets traditional craft and where our
long-term experience refines, tweaked (tweaks and tests) and tested until the perfection is accomplished to our satisfaction.

SIGNBOARD for TOP Gastronomy

Here in Berlin, a city reinventing itself as a recreational destination, we have been called “the avant garde of coffee” and include among our clients the “Grill Royal” and Tim Raue’s “Soup Populaire“. These and the Waldorf Astoria, for example, combine the Andraschko brand with their own culinary statement of excellence.