What will the new crop bring? This question is not only important to Vineyard people (Wine makers)
…is not only of great importance to vintners but applies equally to coffee farmers and of course roasters.
Vintages change from one year to the next: there are influences of weather, luck and the unpredictability of life. Ultimately the admixture of experience and desire for experimentation will decide how well the new blends come together (or „turn out“).

Based on their origins Andraschko’s would be called a „Kaffeehauswiener“, meaning traditional coffee shop Viennese. Their perspective is that the traditional coffee shop is in need of a new and bigger format. The Viennese Tradition of a coffee shop is historically influenced by „Italianita“ – where both the Espresso in the Italian coffee tradition and the Triest Roasting comes from; this gave Andraschko’s the blue print of their idea of what to do with a raw coffee bean.

The young generation of coffee roasters – mostly American – has been an inspiration. A new consciousness is emerging that motivates us to attain a higher quality product, and also to connect and work in conjunction with coffee growers, thus enabling them to grow single origin high quality beans.

That is how they found their niche between ancient European Traditions and the new world: on the foundation that roasting coffee is not only a classical trade, but also asks for a certain ethos. The patience, the correct machinery and the sensible and professional handling of a raw organic product is what makes Andraschko’s coffee.