The aficionados

You can’t argue about taste – we know, but we also know that highest quality is a proven requirement in the luxury food business. In a city like Berlin, where all different kind of cultures meet and every taste wants to be satisfied – you need a healthy portion of Chuzpe and a couple of soul mates to put your foot down and create something people will remember. Culinary partners that share you sense of pleasure and also are equally eager about the quality of the product that they will put in their body. People who grew out of that eagerness and made it into their profession are all talking the same language. Those relations with these eager people are golden and we speak about Aficionados – lovers, pleasure mates or taste artisans.


Biolüske, Herr Lüske

»Coffee in retail is not making you rich. You find it in every grocery shelf and you think: everyone knows it - which is right, if you think in average terms.«

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Giro Coffee Bar,
Igor Paasch

»We honor the Andraschko coffee, because of the quality of the coffee, but also our constant exchange with Willy.«

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Grill Royal,
Boris Radczun

»With a cup of Andraschko coffee you discover the roots … in the rainforest in Sumatra, in the vulcano hills in Gutemala … luscious.«

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Unger und Klein, Wien

»Hip hip horay«

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Sarah Wiener

»Andraschko’s are family for me. They drive to the places in the regions, where coffee has the highest quality and certify themselves and check what’s going on there - the quality of the crib and the living conditions of the worker.«

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Tim Raue

»The best moments in life are the one’s that come without expectation and hit you so you get a glow on your face thinking about them afterwords.«

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Waldorf Astoria Berlin - Restaurant ROCA, Andrea Ihnenfeldt

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