In firing our PROBAT Roaster every day we guaranty fresh roasted coffee every day. That’s the way we like it.

Coffee is a complex theme and needs as much attention as producing a wine – and thats our mission. In our manufactory we go several steps accompanied by testing and trying in-between until we have warily sorted a homogeneous coffee that then is going to be roasted. Every step is about material, timing and attention to get the ideal mixture as a result. It takes time and dedication until the Blend is perfect. Our passion is the way to get to that point of perfection including the contact and exchange with the farmers, who grow the crop and are an important part of our enterprise.

Carefully chosen from the best origins to bring the finest coffee enjoyment

We roast coffee beans from small framers, bigger estates and coop’s. We go on searches and travel all over the world, for example South India, Brasil or Costa Rica. We want to know, where our beans come from and who grows them and it is our desire to have a close contact to the farm and therefore our business relation has a solid base. All on fair and sustainable grounds. Quality has it’s price – both ways to be fair.